When will someone benefit from Sober Success Coaching?

After Treatment


The transition that follows substance abuse treatment can be very difficult. You are clean and sober and eager for a more rewarding life, but where do you begin? Despite your level of preparedness, the shock of reentering the outside world can overwhelming. Most likely, you will feel a lot of excitement mixed with  anxiety. You are trying to establish a routine that is different than what you did prior to treatment or while in treatment.   While the details of your routine will be unique to you, the very fact that a new routine will have you doing things that are unfamiliar is common. Anything that is unfamiliar can cause discomfort, even if that discomfort is only due to the unfamiliarity. Your methods of dealing with discomfort have also changed from what they were prior to treatment, which is something else that is unfamiliar. The effect of all of this can be overwhelming, and how you deal with that feeling of being overwhelmed is very important. A recovery coach can help navigate thru this complicated process, and work with you to help keep you focused on your goals and  avoid returning to unhealthy behaviors.

Following a Relapse


It's possible for anyone who is trying to live a clean and sober life to have a relapse. Relapses are certainly not uncommon, especially in early recovery. In fact, progress in recovery is rarely linear. A relapse doesn't mean that you are flawed or incapable of recovering, and it does not mean that the treatment you went thru was a waste of time and money. Having a relapse also does not erase what you learned, nor does it negate the positives that resulted from the treatment experience. A relapse does not mean that you need to stop or completely change what you had been doing to stay sober. It probably indicates that you need to add something else. Having that 'something else' be something different from what you had been doing can be very effective. A recovery coach can be that addition. After adding a recovery coach, you can work with them to analyze your relapse and everything that led up to it. You will identify what you can use from that experience as you move forward. You can evaluate your approach to recovery in conjunction with your goals and determine the most effective way to resume your clean and sober life in pursuit of those goals.

Upon Deciding to Get Sober


You may not have been through treatment or ever experienced a relapse - you have simply decided you would like to get clean and sober. A recovery coach can help you with the steps needed to make that a reality. A coach will be useful in helping you with evaluating your life and determining what a rewarding and joyful life - a life worth keeping - looks like to you. A coach will help you to decide what aspects of your life need to change and with determining the steps you need to take in order to enact these changes. Your coach can familiarize you with resources that are available to you such as self-help, recovery groups, outpatient programs and valuable online resources. You coach can help you determine if you wish to incorporate any of those into your personal plan for recovery. A coach can even accompany you to any face to face support that you may be apprehensive about attending for the first time. Your coach will assist you in constantly evaluating your personal plan for recovery, so that you provide yourself with the best chance at successfully living the joyful and rewarding life that you desire and deserve.