About Your Coach

George Graner, CPRC, CPC

Throughout my active addiction I made numerous attempts to live clean and sober. My attempts included both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. I had many addiction professionals - psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction counselors, and therapists – work with me to try and help me. Many of those sessions proved to be beneficial and I gained quite a bit of insight into myself, yet I was unable to establish and maintain a sober life. I repeatedly struggled with the real-life application of the strategies we had discussed both in and out of treatment and I found myself relapsing into old behaviors. It was as if I was in an unending cycle of ‘starting over’, which was most frustrating and angered me and those around me. 

One of the reasons for this struggle was that I had a lot of help with theory but was totally on my own when it came to successful application of that theory. When I went thru treatment, I learned about the nature of addiction, the physical and psychological impact of addiction, and methods of living life differently in order to avoid engaging in the behaviors that led to my needing treatment. In treatment we would discuss and analyze situations and actions from my past, as well as  hypothetical situations that I could encounter in the future and how to react to these hypothetical situations moving forward. This was all very useful, but I would still leave rehab and struggle. Upon contacting the treatment center, I would be told that what I needed was more treatment. Many of you who are reading this may find that this response sounds familiar.

The truth is that I did not need more treatment. My problem was not one of knowing, but rather was a problem of doing - of applying what I had learned. What I needed was help with the hands-on application of what I had learned. Once I added this to the mix, I finally began the process of enacting lasting change in my life. I emphasize the word process because it was a process, not an overnight event. 

Toward the end of my active addiction, I decided that once I was clean and sober for good, I wanted to become an addiction professional and help others to achieve and maintain sobriety. I wanted to help with more than just theory. I wanted to focus on the application of theory as my clients went thru their process of building solid sobriety and becoming engaged in life. I chose coaching because I believe that there is a glaring need for effective hands-on help.

Coaching allows me to work individually with people in a non-clinical setting, which is (coincidentally) the setting in which life takes place. I can assist you with day to day issues, such as prioritizing the changes you want to make in life and how you are going to go about enacting those changes. Working together, we will identify your goals in life, and create a plan for you to reach those goals. If you happen to stumble in recovery I will be there to support you, and help you get back on track before the stumble turns into a full-fledged relapse that could lead to something worse. 

I have dual certifications, as both a Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC) and a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), also known as a 'Life Coach'. I am familiar with treatment modalities and methods of recovery. I do not believe that one method of recovery is suitable for everyone - the approach you take to recovery can be as unique as you are. Regardless of your personal preference as far as how you wish to approach your recovery, my extensive personal experience and familiarity with the field will allow me to be able to work effectively with you. My goal is to help you to help yourself begin your journey on the path to lasting recovery, and a life that you enjoy and truly value. A life that means so much to you - and you to it - that you want to keep it.