About Sober Success Coaching


Our Approach

Our goal is for you to become your best self in all aspects of life and to help you reach your full potential. For someone who has an issue with substance abuse, that is something that can most effectively be accomplished by living clean and sober. One of the most influential factors in living clean and sober is being actively engaged in your life. That is why your coach is certified as both a recovery coach and a life coach. Obviously, life and recovery are not distinctly separate topics. They overlap and they influence one another in many ways. Lasting success in recovery (as well as in life) is dependent upon addressing issues that are recovery oriented; although to exclusively focus on those issues at the expense of life issues would be a mistake. In the work that we will do there are times when our efforts may be weighted more heavily on either recovery or life. The way in which these efforts are weighted will vary from client to client. Ideally, there will be a balance between recovery and life, utilizing an approach that is most effective and healthy for you. 


What program of recovery is utilized?

At Sober Success Coaching we are familiar with various treatment modalities, methods of recovery, self-help and recovery groups. We have no allegiance to any of them, nor are we biased for or against any of them. We believe that if an individual wants to work one of the programs of recovery, the most effective one for them will be the one with which they most identify. It is possible to identify with a combination of components from many of them or from all of them, and that too can be effective. It’s also entirely possible that a recovering person may prefer an approach that differs from current mainstream approaches. Whatever your preference or level of familiarity with available resources, your coach will meet you where you are regarding methods, self-help and recovery groups you wish to include or not include in your personal plan for sober success.


Why Sober 'Success' Coaching?

'The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty' -Winston Churchill

We believe in an empowered approach that focuses on positive thinking. Success is a positive word. The choice of a word may seem trivial, but as you will see in the work we do together, little things really do make a difference. While stressing the importance of positive thinking in our approach, we also remain realistic. There will most likely be situations you are dealing with during our work together that will be difficult and feel negative. Within those situations there is normally a lesson, and we will help you to find it and successfully move forward in your life, with that new knowledge factored into your approach. Processing seemingly negative situations in this way is also an example of success. The overall goal is for you to succeed, and moving toward and into a balanced and fulfilling life will be evidence of that success. Once you are successfully living clean and sober in a life worth keeping, recovery will have become an essential part of your life and living life will have become an essential part of your recovery.

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